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Research Areas

Environmental Monitoring and Recovery of Agricultural Soils and Degraded Areas

The Environmental Monitoring and Recovery of Soils and Degraded Areas research line aim at the study of the recovery and mitigation of degraded areas, in the edaphic sense as well as of the water resources, in order to provide adequate management and reestablishment of the productive potential.

Integrated Water and Soil Management

The Integrated Water and Soil Management research line addresses the sustainable development of irrigated agriculture, salinity control in irrigated perimeter, hydrological characterization and watersheds management.

Waste Use and Water Reuse

The Waste Use and Water Reuse research line addresses issues related to the use of agricultural and industrial waste for several applications as well as the reuse of salt water, water from drainage and wastewater.

Management of Agricultural Activities in Protected Environments

The management of agricultural activities in protected environments addresses the Engineering and Agrometeorology knowledge application to manage physical processes required to build major environmental conditions for plants and animals’ growth and development.

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